Management System Quality, Environment, Safety and Health and I+D+I

System Management company, which also integrates prevention systems Risk and Environment


ANTONIO GOMILA, S.A. It has certified its quality management system based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2000 since November 2003 by AENOR.
This system is included in the Management System of the company, which also integrates systems Risk Prevention and Environment. The self-imposed ANTONIO GOMILA, S.A. It has expanded the scope of the Management System to the definition of procedures such as: continuous improvement, human resources, financial planning, bids and awards, etc.
Thanks to the systematic application of continuous improvement techniques, management systems benefit from a permanent contributions Company personnel, customers and society in general and this action directly affects the quality of works and services our customers and services.

Environmental management:

ANTONIO GOMILA, S.A. we are committed to develop our activities within a framework of environmental protection promoting the conservation of the areas where our work is carried out, the rational use of natural resources, efficient waste management and pollution prevention.
To do this, we work on the involvement of our employees through training and awareness, and seek to turn the involvement our suppliers in a common task for the benefit of all, as is the protection of the environment.
Our commitment has resulted in the implementation of an Environmental Management System, which integrates environmental protection general management in our environment, and for which we have obtained the certificate of Environmental Management in November 2006 UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004 AENOR

Security and health:

In the area of ​​prevention of occupational risks, ANTONIO Gomila SA   He has established and certified by AENOR management system Prevention Labor risks based on the OHSAS 18001: 2007, which involves establishing requirements that allow greater control over the risks and improved in the performance of the safety and health of workers, continuously improving the prevention management system and can demonstrate such compliance to others.
They have developed preventive plans and action aimed at continuous improvement in prevention management, integrating preventive action at all levels the organization, facilitating communication channels with the workforce and promoting awareness raising, training, consultation and participation of workers.


ANTONIO GOMILA, S.A. is an organization that is continually evolving, adapting to the needs of its customers and the demands of society. the process diversification is experienced in recent years has led it to undertake a wide range of activities facing innovation and development differently, but determined.
Through this commitment to technological development ANTONIO Gomila SA It responds to the growing demand for process improvements, technological advances and service quality by customers and society.

Involvement with research, development and innovation has been demonstrated by the achievement of the Certificate by AENOR I+D+I in September 2012 the Project Recovery, Recycling and Reuse Remains Excavation.  

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